Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting what you want

This is my cat. I am very grateful that she has decided to live with me. She is the best tutor in my life. 
If I do not wake up early enough, to serve her, her breakfast, she will make as much noise as possible to wake me. When she feels like drinking water out of the tap, she will call me. She demands whatever it is she wants for that specific moment in time. And she always gets it!
She is a living testimony of achievement, she is abundant in all the aspects of her life. She is teaching me with determination.
Today I am determent to win the lotto! I shall go to the shop to get a ticket knowing that I have already won. I shall relish in the feeling that I am a millionaire. I will go about my day, as if I already settled ALL debts. 
Thank you!