Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Come, Small Planet
I have heard all the whisperings of your lives
The sun has died
The sea has parted
Time and Space
Here Now Unravel
The myths of You

Come, Small Planet
Come out of the cathedral-cave into the world
The blood will stop flowing
The scars will close over
Buffalo and Leaf
Will swoon, and bend
In sacrifice to You

Come, Small Planet
Ripen into the Fruit of the Endless Tree
Let the seed change its shape
Let the bird turn new colours
Milk and Flesh
Fall from the bones and hearts
That long to feed You

Once I was in the Autumn of my life
Soon then facing the winter-death
of my warm water world

I will move through your veil
Bruised, breathe your cold air
And you will consider me Alive


You might celebrate me

But how gloriously I have lived already.
Do you not remember?
There was no right and no wrong,
No up and no down,
No triumphs and no sufferings
Free of Time and Space

How sadly you celebrate in your garden
An amnesia of bliss awash in flowers

But I will breathe for you
I will Bless you
How you want me to.
I will die a water creature
I will wail
And when I stop frowning,
I will smile again.

But I will not forget My Life
My Death My Life

- Beth Peterson