Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More than one part

I love avocado pears.
When cutting this one open, a small tree revealed itself.
The growth would not been able to take place in half an avo.
It is remarkable that we, humans, sometimes regard our selves as being one part of our selves only. For example, the part of myself that is concentrating the most in writing this is probably my brain, but my brain would not be able to do this without my finger, typing. Or my eyes seeing, or the fact that I am constantly breathing, to feed it oxygen. My creative expression cannot be complete if I only use one tool, I have to use all my tools, I have to use feeling, knowledge, remembering, inspiration etc. The examples can carry on forever. We are many parts working together! When all our parts work together, we are whole, then we can grow like this small tree!