Monday, May 4, 2009


I have been moping quote a bit these couple of days. It really does not make me feel good.
There was a fire on Table Mountain a couple of weeks ago. A great deal of mountain has burnt down. Berg winds were blowing and the ashes from the mountain flew everywhere. One of these ashes landed in my eye. Although I tried to wash it out myself, I could not! I started walking towards the main road trying to find somebody to help me, first the pharmacy, then the optometrist, that was not available. I eventually got to a doctor's consulting rooms, who helped me, and took it out with no problem. 
The gratitude I felt to be able to see! (I have no words).
On that same day, I bought this green carpet to remind me, how lucky I am to be able to see. 
This morning I looked at the carpet again, remembering how fortunate I am!