Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Key to total Success

A Friend sent me this from the Barefoot Doctor's column:

Love life and it loves you back. Let your focus always be on loving life – love it from moment to moment, love it more than anything and it will constantly regenerate you and magically shift the details of your everyday reality around in such a way as to produce successful outcomes in all your endeavours without you having to strain over the details.

The way, especially when swamped by tasks and obligations that threaten your peace of mind is to constantly remind yourself, moment to moment, ‘Above all, I love life.’

It helps you retain perspective and maintain your vitality levels through thick and thin.

The ancient Chinese called life in this respect, the Tao. They didn’t personify it like we personified our Western notion of the ineffable presence, yet did think of it as a maternal presence – one that nurtures and takes care of her children.

So tell her you love her again and again and avail yourself of the miracles she produces in your life. Loving her is the way to activate the miracles.

Just say, ‘ I love life’ again and again and the activation will begin.

Wish: your mutual love affair grows and grows until you can no longer even remember the pain of forgetting who and what you really are: divine.