Friday, May 15, 2009

Media and your choices

Everyday we get bombarded of all sorts of information. When it comes from the Media it is normally negative. Nothing sells a newspaper as well as a scandal, a tragedy or some sort of a disaster.
Apparently we are in a economic recession - that is what was on the "news".
I was just wondering why the "news" did not find it interesting enough to tell the world more about the biggest South African art sale, ever. 
The Brett Kebble auction raised more than R 50 000 000, last week. The "Lost Orchid", Tretchikoff, sold for 2,9 million rand. I am not an economist, but I was wondering if this was a sign of a country that is in an economic recession?
My point is: the more we concentrate on the "economic recession", the more we are going to think that we are in one. Should we all concentrate on "the country of opportunity" we are blessed to live in, "the greatest good will happen to all of us, and everybody around us".